Exclusive: MC Homeless Talks & Shares 'Sex And Death Remixes'

Call it nepotism, call it what you will, but occasionally we may keep things within the confines of the GB family. Today, it’s truly is no different with Austin, Texas resident, by way of Youngstown, Ohio, Matt Greenfield, although many know him by his stage and recording pseudonym MC Homeless. Back in December of 2018 he released an EP’s worth of work entitled Sex And Death (Fake Four Inc.) and if you were one of the lucky ones to encounter the recordings, and get dragged down disturbing and abysmally hellish soundscapes. It’s no surprise to find the like-minded Moodie Black responsible for producing it. Could things get any more interesting? Well, yes. Seven months after its release, Homeless premieres the Sex And Death Remixes right here.

Following Greenfield on his social media is entertaining and sometimes filled with hilarity and angry moments, so I know what he’ll go through from time to time. I talked to him recently regarding Sex And Death, the remixes, and much more.

New Album Remixes? Let’s talk about that. Sex And Death was what I considered some dark fuckery. How did you convince Moodie Black to produce it?

I reached out to K Death and we sort of just made it happen. She had some beats that weren’t used that I thought would be the perfect fit.  It certainly is my most dark work, and this is coming from someone that doesn’t really release happy music. I guess when you don’t release a Hip Hop song in six years, a lot of emotions just burst out. 

Wait, you haven’t released any music in six years since this release? Ok, I was confused there for a moment. Still Trapped just compiles releases from 2004 – 2009. 

I was pretty much retired. Didn’t even go to rap shows except for a few things like Geto Boys.  I did a few small projects around 2011 or 2012 and that was it till the “comeback”.  Just really need a break honestly.  Wasn’t feeling it. Why do something you hate? I didn’t plan to come back but the passion returned. It wasn’t expected. Even I surprised myself but some of my friends laugh because I threatened to retire so many times and even did some secret shows while I was retired including a tour of Europe with Ceschi and Sixo where I did not publicize myself at all. Hip Hop is just a part of me. There is no denying that. I have so much love for the culture and history. 

The initial release doesn’t really sound like much else out there, I know you have a variety of influences aside from those in Hip Hop. You’ve even used social media to tell people to pretty much thinking outside the box. How has that helped you musically?

I think it sets me apart because it’s not a typical indie hip hop album. I would call it gothic rap maybe. It fits loosely with industrial/noise rap but I don’t listen to that stuff at all. Most of it annoys me. I’m looking at you clippings!  Most stuff just annoys me, in general, *laughs*. The influences were 80’s industrial and goth music plus stuff like Nick Cave and Rowland Howard in a big way. I have hidden nods to them all over the album. I didn’t rap fast on purpose.  What’s the point? I wanted to convey a feeling and the lyrics being said at an agonizing pace was part of that. When it comes to underground rap, I’ll check out my friends’ music and old stuff but other than that I prefer the classics.  As for social media, it’s a great platform to speak my mind. Maybe that helps. Maybe it hurts. Depends on who you ask. 

The remixes, they sound dramatically different from the originals, was that the intent?

There wasn’t necessarily any intent behind the remixes besides me trusting Guerrilla Ghost to do a fantastic job. He also does heavy industrial stuff but it isn’t anything like Moodie Black. I suppose I did want to keep it heavy and intense. The Riddlore and C Money Burns remixes were a bonus treat. They are both long-time friends and collaborators. 

It’s kind of refreshing to hear someone like you, whether it’s with your music or on your podcast. It’s pretty much no holds barred and there are no fucks given. It’s something that’s missing in 2019, everyone is in fear of being ostracized. 

It’s easy to ostracize people and put them on blast when you can hide behind a computer. I just want to keep creating and expressing myself in order to live a somewhat healthy existence….plus my mouth has no filter.

How did the Guerrilla Ghost, Riddlore and C Money Burns mixes come about? When and where did you meet them all?

I know Martin from Guerrilla Ghost through the underground rap community on Facebook. We both have similar backgrounds with the punk/metal side of things. C Money Burns is part of the Milled Pavement family and I’ve known him for over ten years. We probably met for the first time in Maine. Riddlore is interesting because I was a fan before I was a friend, Of course, Project Blowed is such a huge influence on underground rap and his group CVE is legendary. We met in Paris on the first date of a European tour together and quickly became good friends and collaborators. That was about ten years ago as well. Ridd is actually the reason I live in Austin, Texas so I really can’t even begin to thank him enough for the good he has done for my life.

Lyrically, you flow around sex on some songs. Not really a question but let’s talk about that. Yeah, let’s go!

Let’s talk about sex!  Now I’m thinking about that Salt  N Pepa song.  Yes, the album deals with the dark side of lust and sexual desires. Rappers usually brag about how amazing at sex they are and how big their dick is but this is something completely different. It’s about raw sexual emotion. It’s about a craving but also detachment. While mainstream rappers may brag on sexual conquests, lots of more underground or so-called “intellectual” rappers stay away from the topic completely. Maybe they are afraid? Maybe they don’t know how to talk about it without sounding like some macho dude. Actually, I hear more female rappers talk about sexual empowerment in a really cool and interesting way that their male counterparts aren’t often capable of it. I love Too Short and 2 Live Crew but that’s exaggerated fantasy. I’m dealing in a painful reality.  Sex and Death is more like the Lars Von Trier movie ‘Nymphomaniac’ than any sex rappers out there. Don’t get me wrong, sex rap is awesome and people of all genders and sexual preferences should explore it but without rambling any further, just take a listen and you’ll know I’m dealing with some dark shit. It can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. 

So this release revolved around sex, maybe your next one will focus on drugs…?

I don’t think a drug album will be in the works any time soon. I tried to write some psychedelic raps (and raps on psychedelics) but it didn’t work out very well.

And where do your passion for UFOs stem from? 

I became fascinated with UFOs as a small child. I think every person yearns for something bigger than themselves and for something extraordinary to happen because life can be wack sometimes. Basically, to sum it up, I’m still waiting to be abducted. 

“Where do you go from here? More albums? Back on tour since you’re obviously out of retirement?

The only tour I have planned right now is overseas. I’m very uncertain of what the future holds but there will be more collaborations. I’ve been jamming a lot of old school death metal this summer so that may play a factor in the direction I choose to steer in. I would like to elaborate more but I’m not sure what the next move will be. I’m living day to day. GB

(Order the remix album here.)

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