Payday 2 DLC Review

(Editor’s note: This review covers Payday 2‘s Armored Transport DLC and Gage Weapon Pack #01 DLC. Payday 2 is available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.)
I’m a big fan of Payday and Payday 2, and I bought these two packs with great anticipation.  First let me say that Armored Transport nets you three new weapons, four presidential masks and two new heists spread over six new locations.  The locations are neat. As for the weapons…
Pistol = Meh.
Machine gun = Nice the first time, but I won’t pick it up again.
Commando rifle = A gun I still use with my combat medic today. The thing kicks some major ass.
Five of the six heists involve players robbing trucks in various locations. It tends to get pretty boring after a while, especially if you’re the kind of person that gets bored  of the same scenery quickly. Of course, if this describes you then you probably aren’t a fan of the Payday games in general. The sixth heist, however, has players robbing a train for a giant sentry cannon and 40 packs of ammo. This alone is a very cool idea but can be quite difficult even on hard mode.  You’ll unlock this heist when you find plans on one of the trucks at a random time. It’s a bonus heist, but really it’s the second of the two heists.
Overall, I’d say Armored Transport is worth it. If you always wanted to recreate the first heist scene from the Al Pacino movie Heat, then this DLC delivers.
Here’s a brief rundown of the Gage Weapon Pack #01. You get:
Frag Grenades = They aren’t that powerful and can’t even take down a standard heavy armor SWAT.
Eagle Heavy Rifle = A very powerful rifle, it goes great with enforcers.
Signature .40 Pistol = If you like the Crosskill, then don’t bother.
Four new masks = These are all random animals with clever descriptions.

Is the first Gage Weapon Pack worth the five dollars?  Yesish. The Eagle Heavy Rifle is badass, but the rest are VERY meh. (Overkill Software/Starbreeze Studios) by Miller Beekman