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Let’s have one every year 

Imagine a big dumb action film with Santa Claus as the hero. I am not talking about a guy that works at the mall during the holidays for extra cash. I am talking about Santa Claus that rides through the night in a sleigh chugging beer and drunkenly yelling at his reindeer as he delivers presents to all the good children who believe. Does this all sound familiar? That is probably because of the 2020 film, Fatman, which stars Mel Gibson as Santa and is based on the same idea. I know what you are thinking, “Come on Nathan! You’re not going to let that ruin all the fun, are you?” Hell no! Both movies rule! 

David Harbour, of Stranger Things fame, steps into the spotlight, as Santa, vomiting profusely from his sleigh. He stumbles across a situation where a cringy upper-class family is being held hostage by a band of villains. Santa is put to the test to save Christmas for this family. Violent Night’s title serves it well as it stands as an absurdly violent and profane Christmas movie. There are homages to Home Alone throughout this film, and despite all the blood, Violent Night will leave you with all sorts of warm Christmas vibes.  

My first reaction to the film was to compare it to Fatman and dispute with myself about which one was superior. This is irrelevant because these films are like free beer at the company Christmas party, we partake in it and appreciate it, but we do not compare it to last year. I know it is still December and we have not even gotten through the holidays yet, but it is time for someone to start thinking about a violent Christmas comedy for next year.  

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