October Streaming Magic Pt. 2: Filmology With Spoken Nerd

It seems like just yesterday we were departing from September and opening our first can of Octoberfest beer. Here it is, almost Halloween and what do we have to show for it? A bunch of opinions about horror movies,  that’s what I have to show! I was admittedly disappointed with the first round of Netflix viewing that I wrote about earlier this month, which led me to find something trustworthy and reliable for round 2.  The reboot of Unsolved Mysteries is thoughtful, entertaining, and packs the most epic soundtrack and intro.  In a year like 2020 where we’re all facing a multitude of our own problems, it can be refreshing to find our escape by indulging in the misfortune and dilemmas of other people. Heck, if things get really bad, you may even find yourself as the star of an episode of this beautiful anthology. 

Speaking of anthologies, I was delighted to discover Clive Barker’s Books of Blood hitting the stream by way of Hulu.  I can honestly say that this was the most disturbing thing I’ve watched this month besides Donald Trump’s 60 minutes interview.  Books of Blood is the Motel Hell of 2020 with a much more serious tone.

I was once again blown away by the Welcome to Blumhouse movies on Amazon Prime.  My expectations were high considering the quality of storyline and acting that was shown in The Lie and Black Box. Although I did feel that Evil Eye was the weakest of the 4, I was quite impressed with the emotional feel of this film, the tension between characters, and the spectacular performance of the cast.  Evil Eye is a unique, dark, and romantic story shrouded with mystery and suspense.     

My final viewing was the supernatural horror drama, Nocturne.  The film is focused on two sisters who find themselves at odds as competition overshadows their academia at a classical music boarding school.  Themes similar to those in the coming of age novel by John Knowles, ‘A Separate Peace’ take the stage as recitals turn to bloodsport.  Nocturne is a great watch as its production feels like a safer version of a Darren Aronofsky film and that’s okay with me as just about any film is safer than Aronofsky.

I hope that everyone is enjoying October as much as I am.  You won’t catch me out tricking or treating this year but you will hear all about my exciting party for one as I indulge in the movies that shape all of our minds.

About Nathan Conrad:

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