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The Science Of Disruption 

It has been a hot minute since I reviewed a movie. Speaking of hot minutes, it is currently sweltering at my house because I decided to make cabbage rolls and borsht for dinner, so my kitchen is radiating heat waves. That is all good and fun but that is not what you came here to read about! You came here to read about movies! 2022 was an exceptional year for film with standout performances in flicks like Men, Glass Onion, and Pearl. However, my final trip to the cinema in 2022, The Menu, was a disappointing venture to see, which may be the very subconscious reason that it took so long to go back. I can say with confidence that my first trip to the theater in 2023 has resurrected the same intense cinematic energy that I fell in love with last year. I was head over heels for Infinity Pool.  

Infinity Pool was my introduction to writer/director, Brandon Cronenberg’s work. Following a high bar of films like Antiviral and Possessor, this one still exceeded my expectations. It is rare that a science fiction thriller pulls me in, to the extent, that I feel like I am right there with the characters, but this film managed to do that. This was not accomplished through highbrow casting and expansive scenery. This had everything to do with the story and the feeling of how it was presented.  

We are introduced to James Foster, a novelist struggling to find inspiration, as he and his angel-investor wife take a retreat to a resort in a fictional island country. The couple does not feel inspiration or excitement until Gabi comes along. Gabi, played by Mia Goth, recognizes James as she is a fan of his only published novel. After a double date with Gabi and her significant other, the group decides to ditch this joint and go on an adventure, even though leaving the resort is forbidden. This is all the summary that you need. 

Infinity Pool presents the paradox of a world where consequences for debauchery are made void through science and currency. There are absurdities in this film that thematically make statements about justice, disruption, and religion. This flick is Arthouse Horror at its best. And why wouldn’t it be? You have a second-generation director with a fresh concept, a title that sounds like a marvel comic book movie, and Mia Goth, who stunned us last year with X and Pearl

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