Holy Fuck Collaborates With Ft. Langley On 'House Of Glass' Trump-Satire Short Film

Canadian electro pioneers were approached by Oliver Brooks and William Wilkinson of Ft. Langley to deliver this politically charged short film depicting Donald Trump. Holy Fuck’s track “House of Glass” provided the perfect soundtrack to the tense spoof.

William and Oliver AKA Ft Langley came to us, asking for use of our song ‘House of Glass’ in a video they hoped to shoot in order to honor Trump, and that it would be an honest, although allegorical, portrayal of his first year in office,” say the band. “Our favorite part of the resulting short film is the end: a Tarkovsky-esque highway drive, a peaceful, almost meditative reminder that there will be calm after the final burst of hot air.
Director Oliver Brooks tells us “An elaborate Trump satire? From the beginning, this project was an outlandish, long shot, hot potato. Everyone loved it and nobody thought it was really going to happen. Then the kernel of the concept came to Will in early 2017. We didn’t know what to do with it. It was absurd. We had no projects scheduled. No funding. Will thought Holy Fuck might be interested. We didn’t know them, we had no mutual contacts, they were between album cycles, and already had music videos for all their singles. We cold-emailed them the concept. They said yes: but we ‘d need to find funding. So we submitted a grant application. The grant people said yes, too. All of this took months. By the time we realized the film was really going to happen we’d booked ourselves up with other projects.  We finished the film in December: just in time for the anniversary of Trump’s first year in office. That was an intentional choice, unrelated to blowing past the original grant deadline and two extensions. As for the film – we’ll let it speak for itself.”