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What is it that draws us in to watch certain spooky flicks during the Halloween season? Maybe it needs to take place during the Fall. It definitely needs a spine-chilling soundtrack and for some, it needs an element of familiarity to stoke that fire that fuels a yearly indulgence of franchise horror. The Halloween franchise has been prosperous for over 40 years and in the latest installment in the series, Halloween Kills, just outperformed James Bond’s latest blockbuster at the box office, serving as an omen that these movies aren’t going away anytime soon.     

Halloween Kills departs from the serious revelatory tone of its 2018 predecessor and delivers a traditional slasher story that walks the line between horror and dark comedy. The film serves an underlying message as a warning about the dangers of mob mentality as an angry militia turns the town chaotic in a witch hunt for Michael Myers. This concept is driven into absurdity to the point wherein some scenes I was reminded of Darren Aronofsky’s 2017 film, “Mother!”  Kills is a very self-aware film poking fun at itself as it toys with an almost satirical tone.     

If you are obsessed with the canon of the Halloween movies and view these stories through a nerd-like lens that goes on for hours about the inconsistencies in the Marvel Universe, then Halloween Kills might not be for you. If you are looking for a campy slasher horror sequel to entertain yourself as you pound fists full of popcorn, then Kills might just be up your alley. There is what seems to be a lack of character development in the story but I believe this was intentional. This pays homage to the slasher B-movies of the 80s and 90s as it preserves space for scene after scene of “kills”  (hence the title of the movie). My favorite characters were the delightful couple, Big John and Little John, who live in Michael Myers’ childhood home. It’s really fun to see the story through their eyes as they attempt to scare trick or treaters. It’s not all fun and games with the Johns who are not above putting up a real hard fight with a charcuterie knife if things turn for the worst.       

Halloween Kills is an unapologetic horror sequel that caught me by surprise in the best way.  Kills stands alone as a perfectly entertaining horror story and although 2021 hasn’t been a great year for new bigger budget horror flicks, I would say it’s one of the best that I’ve seen in a while.  I know that this film will have its haters and it certainly leaves me unsure of what to expect for the final installment of this trilogy, but I am a fan.  

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