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I know what you are thinking. The holidays have come and gone, and you just have not mustered up the energy to go to the theater. I feel you. Maybe you spent January being snowed in and decided to catch up on some of your favorite shows. I bet you have been at the gym, not even watching movies. Well, it is time to make that change! 

Shudder has done it again, following up a great holiday spread of films at the end of 2023 with  Destroy All Neighbors (Shudder)! Chocked full of prog rock music, practical FX, and not-so-subtle humor, this film is an absolute riot. Jonah Ray, of Mystery Science Theater 300 fame, takes the lead role of Prog Rock musician, William Brown. William Brown is a nerdy musician who is caught up in limbo as he tries to overthink his album that he cannot seem to finish. You know the type; he is in his own way. Things are going bad enough for William when he accidentally kills his neighbor. William attempts to cover his tracks but continues to make things worse.  

This movie has everything going for it, including a banging soundtrack scored by Ryan Kattner and Brett Morris of Man Man. The practical FX is hilarious and exciting, as there is not a dull moment in this film. While the film’s strong points are the aesthetics, the story is strong, creative, and fun with rabbit holes that will have you laughing aloud. This is certainly not a scary movie, but it is gross! It falls into the comedy horror ranks of films like Saturday the 14th, Evil Dead 2, and Student Bodies

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