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Beats The Hell Out Of That Suspiria Remake 

It has been about ten years since we have seen a new movie by Dario Argento. Some of us had our hopes up with the promise of The Sandman, a crowdfunded Christmas Horror flick starring Iggy Pop and directed by the master himself. I have not given up hope yet on this, but I am wondering if there are any developments on this matter. I know what you are thinking. Here it is, October, and am I already talking about Christmas? We have present matters to discuss. I am talking about the latest addition to Dario Argento’s lovely repertoire of Giallos, Dark Glasses

Dark Glasses plays to the director’s strength with a good mystery, a great balance of characters and some spine-tingling gore. Our protagonist, Diana, is an escort who finds herself blind after a car crash caused by a serial killer who has picked her as the next victim. Diana makes an unlikely friendship with a young boy who was also involved in the car crash. The duo works to escape the mayhem of a killing spree that has their names on the top of a list. 

This is one of Argento’s better films of later years. It is easy to be critical of any movie when you are holding it up against Suspiria or Deep Red. Daft Punk was slated to make the soundtrack for Dark Glasses, but that fell through when the band broke up. The score was crafted by Arnaud Rebotini whose chops fall more in the wheelhouse of John Carpenter than Goblin.  

I am glad that Dario Argento took the Giallo route for this return to directing. Having watched this one, I am hungry for more. Dark Glasses is a Shudder Exclusive and a great catalyst to get in the zone for Halloween.    

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