BOOKSMART: Preparation For The Real World

Have you been to the theater? Well, we have. I think most of us have sat through the 3-hours of Avengers: End Game, so what else is there this year? Apparently, an assortment of films. Booksmart was recently released and Kane Adams tells us all about it.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve seen a movie worth writing about. Dumbo was an incredible waste of talent, the new Hellboy was horrifically violent but didn’t seem to deliver what it intended and Avengers: Endgame pulled in a billion dollars and did exactly what it set out to achieve. Booksmart on the other hand, is one of the funniest and well-done movies I’ve seen in a minute.

     Right off the bat this movie had me laughing and didn’t really let up until the end. I have to hand it to Olivia Wilde in coming out the gate with Booksmart as her directorial debut.The writing was tremendous, but she took what could have turned out to be just another generic high school comedy and turned into a film that has more heart, harsher jokes, and better style than anything I’ve seen in the last year, if not longer. The real standout scene was when the two leads got high and turned into Barbie dolls, I was almost scream-laughing.

     Speaking of leads, the casting and chemistry between Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein as best friends was a match made in heaven. You feel their bond as soon as Kaitlyn picks up Beanie from her house at the beginning and they break into dance. These ladies make it seem like they’ve been best friends forever in real life and both are hecka dope. I wanna be their friend and I’m not in the market for new friends at all! Allison Jones did a phenomenal job of casting this flick. Lisa Kudrow and Will Forte were hilarious even though they didn’t have massive parts. Jason Sudeikis was hilarious, and Jessica Williams made a wonderful teacher/counselor to Kaitlyn and Beanie. That being said, it’s hard to put shine on any of the characters because they were all so weird and funny in their own ways. Mad props to Skylar Gisondo, Billie Lourd, Austin Crute and Noah Galvin as the weird supporting cast, they all had me laughing out loud. 

     It could be argued that Booksmart is just a female Superbad (Beanie Feldstein is Jonah Hill’s sister) or a new American Pie but I would like to politely dispel those notions. Those movies wish they could achieve what Booksmart is. It takes a lot for movie to obtain a perfect score and Booksmart almost gets it, but there was a boo-hoo emo scene in the middle that I didn’t much care for but other than that, Booksmart is a 10\10 movie and I’m excited to see more of everyone involved in the near future.