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A whodunnit for the Tik Tok generation.

I’ve said it before, 2022 is a year for slasher flicks. Although I was disappointed with the latest Scream, my itch has officially been scratched with Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022), X and now Bodies Bodies
Bodies. I know we’ve all longed for the hay days of franchise horror like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, but in this day and age it’s all about great directors. Bodies Bodies Bodies is Halina
Reijn’s English directorial debut and having indulged in this story, I’m already anticipating her next film.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is everything that’s right about the whodunnit genre of film. It’s like Knives Out or Scream for the Tik Tok generation. So many films I’ve seen lately have tried to modernize with woke characters while clumsily addressing social issues in a very contrite way. Bodies… displays modernity in a sincere and realistic light. This made a refreshing tone with a cast that no one was trying to sell me on.  Don’t get me wrong, I love films with deeper meanings but when I watch a slasher film the deeper meaning is that I want to be entertained. What it does offer is social commentary on relationships in our current world.  We see characters ready to turn on each other at the drop of a hat in a world where a
lifelong friendship is a couple of months.

I know a lot of folks were sad to see Pete Davidson leave SNL. I’m personally stoked to see his personality shining through in films like this. Not sure what the future holds for him but he certainly made this movie approachable. Besides, there’s always room for fresh talent on SNL. Pete kind of reminds me of a brat-pack actor in his approach as he doesn’t overact and always seems to be himself in a different situation.

This film features a score by Disasterpiece, a soundtrack featuring Charli XCX, a diverse cast, and a great story. These elements alone are a setup for a great film. I’ve been pretty impressed with the horror movies of 2022 and Bodies Bodies Bodies offers something unique to the mix. It’s the type of flick that makes you feel young. It will make you laugh. It will also make you drop your jaw.

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