Binge Theory 101 | Black Mirror (Season 6)

The latest season of Black Mirror has landed and had some time to marinate. I can confidently say that I am sold on this series and my testimony is the fact that I am writing a review on it. I usually stick with films, but this season has been a breath of fresh air. I have found myself excited to chat with others about it. I will be marathon-watching the past seasons as I have slept on the majority of them. Let’s go! 


I cannot imagine a better story to open this season with. Right out of the gate, we are bombarded with social commentary on privacy, social media, and even Netflix. Although this episode comes through the door swinging an axe, it has a healthy dose of comic relief. In the context of the Black Mirror universe, it’s pretty lighthearted and fun, while remaining true to the brand.  


Loch Henry sounds like the title of a show that people would talk about that I would never get around to watching. In this episode, we examine the phenomenon of the True Crime genre. The episode also plays on the lengths that people are willing to go for success in the film world. Everything about this story is brilliant as it wraps up perfectly with thought-provoking suspense.  


The third chapter of this season was certainly the most intense, as we take in a gut-wrenching science fiction story. This episode was the favorite of many of my peers. I was left speechless. Aaron Paul’s performance elevates this short film to the point that it would have fit in as an A24 film if it had been a little bit longer.  


Although the final 2 episodes come off a little bit as an afterthought, in context with the first 3, Mazey Day stands strong on its own. The story feels more like an episode of Creepshow than its own anthology. Even with this being the case, its social commentaries about paparazzi and celebrity obsessions make a great case for the Black Mirror banner. This action horror plot was a nice break from the intensity of Loch Henry and Beyond the Sea.  


Demon 79 was the last thing that I would have expected from Black Mirror. This flick was pure horror and I loved it! It had what I like to call a “Good Ole Feel Bad Horror Movie Vibe.” Was it scary? Nah. Did it do something that’s never done before? Nope. Was it consistent with the series? Who cares? This 70’s style genre film was cinema at its best.  

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