Zhala Returns With New Single “Holes”

It’s been five years since Zhala’s self-titled debut album was released, and since then she has spent time looking inward. Starting in Berlin, where she collaborated with Olof Dreijer (one half of forward-thinking Scandinavian duo The Knife), she then moved across Europe before returning to Stockholm to continue working on new music. 

After these years of self-discovery, Zhala is proud to release her new single “Holes” via Robyn’s Konichiwa Records. The track is buoyed by Zhala’s distinctive vocals over a polyrhythmic groove produced by Olof Dreijer.  Their two styles morph perfectly whilst still giving Zhala’s expansive voice room to breathe. 

Speaking about “Holes,” Robyn says, “Zhala carves out her freedom with her voice. I love it so much. When I heard her voice the first time, it was like getting a message from the future…a signal from an alien Rosie Gaines.  I’m so proud to be releasing her new single. ‘Holes’ is beautiful and light to dance to even though it talks about the darker parts of our existence. Zhala takes my hand and shows me the way.”

“Holes” began its life as a reworking of a “pornem” written by sexpositivist Scandinavian performer and choreographer Amanda Apetrea for a dance performance titled “DEAD by Beauty and the Beast”. Olof Dreijer and Zhala then continued to develop the song into what it is now.

“Holes” has also been molded into new shapes with forthcoming remixes coming from Dreijer himself, electronic maverick Planningtorock, Argentinian DJ and producer TAYHANA and finally a very special reworking of the song from London choir collective Deep Throat Choir. 

Zhala was signed to Konichiwa Records in 2014 and has remained the sole artist signed to the label other than Robyn. In addition to releasing her self-titled debut album in 2015, she has released an EP and four singles. See below for release date information for the forthcoming remixes.