ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI Drop Maximum Implosion 2xCD Collection

Cold Spring Records presents Maximum Implosion, a caustic collecting all collaborative and most sought-after pieces between Japanese noise architect ZENI GEVA (KK Null) and famed producer noise rock connoisseur STEVE ALBINI (Big Black, Shellac). The tracks have been gathered into one massive 2xCD package which is now streaming in its entirety at Bandcamp.
Maximum Implosion is presented here in its complete form for the first time on Cold Spring, packaged in a six-panel double-digipak with original artwork and photography by Mitsushiro Hiruma, and design and layout by Alonso Urbanos.

On Maximum Implosion‘s first CD, ZENI GEVA presents ultra-heavy Japanese noise rock, with sludgy riffs, thundering feedback, lumbering drums, subhuman bass crawl, and complex noise textures, with KK Null’s trademark vocals and unique guitar, accompanied by Albini’s heavy guitar riffing. “Nai-Ha” loosely translates to “broken inside,” and the title track replays the gruesome aftermath of a car accident. The second CD captures ZENI GEVA and STEVE ALBINI’s live-to-desk tracks from Tokyo and Osaka in 1992. ALBINI provides guitar throughout the tracks in addition to vocal contributions. The record also includes the bonus tracks from the ultra-limited 12″-only release,Superunit, presented with meticulous Cedar mastering by legendary mastering engineer Denis Blackham. All production and mixing duties were handled by STEVE ALBINI, obviously, and the final mastering handled by Martin Bowes at Cage Studios in England.