Yours Are The Only Ears Shares Title Track Of Upcoming Album “We Know The Sky”

Yours Are The Only Ears, the project of New York’s Susannah Cutler, shares “We Know The Sky,” the title track from her recently announced new album, out March 24th on Lame-O Records.  We Know The Sky finds Cutler peeling away the mask of who she thought she should be, and instead embracing the beautiful, ever-changing kaleidoscope of who she actually is.  

“I wrote ‘We Know The Sky’ amidst a family crisis that put a lot into perspective for me about how mental illness is genetic and trauma gets passed down through generations,” Cutler explains. “I saw myself mirrored in my mom in a way that I hadn’t before. Although the experience was very difficult, it ultimately brought us closer. ‘The sky’ is a metaphor for leaving this world and having those self-extinguishing thoughts. It’s hard to talk about, but I think it’s more common to experience than not.”

We Know The Sky is like walking through a darkened hallway into the light; the sun on tentative closed eyes, slowly opening to take in the new horizon. It’s an album that doesn’t shy away from the hard work it takes to walk past every door, and greet whoever you find in there. Teaming deliverance with delicacy, Cutler knows that getting to know yourself––the real you––means you will find both the light and the dark. But it’s not about shunning one for the other, but rather combining them to create a palette that is able to color the world in a way that you finally understand. “Songwriting for me has always been a way for me to say things out loud that I’m afraid to say otherwise,” she says.

Photo Courtesy: Allyssa Yohana