Younger Hunger Shares Single “PRAY 4 U”

Younger Hunger, Los Angeles alt-pop trio, release their latest single, “PRAY 4 U.” “PRAY 4 U” finds singer Tony Davia grappling with the complexities of looking at the world and wondering where/how you fit in. “It’s about searching for something to hold onto in a confusing and turbulent time” says Davia on the meaning of the track. This search for self-realization is conveyed over a hypnotizing melody that mirrors the clash between feelings of defeat and the desire for something more. “The lyrics are basically just me working through some of my own personal frustrations with myself and with the world around me” says Davia.

An honest snapshot of that universal feeling of being stuck, “PRAY 4 U” is guaranteed to stick with you beyond your first listen. More from Tony Davia on the track and recording process – “‘Pray 4 U’ is a diary entry of a song that was written in what felt like a hopeless time. I wrote and recorded the original demo in an afternoon, with just my OP-1, guitar, and laptop.”