Yoke Lore Shares New Single “Hallucinate”

Los Angeles based indie pop project Yoke Lore, the solo musical venture of Adrian Galvin, releases the third single, “Hallucinate,” off of his upcoming debut full-length album, Toward A Never Ending New Beginning. The album will be out everywhere via Yell House Records on September 22nd. 

The newest track off of the album, “Hallucinate” is a sanguine indie-pop staple chronicling the dizzying experience of falling in love with someone. Up-tempo drum beats and playful, twinkling synths shadow Galvin’s confessions, “I think of you when every single color passes by on the highway, I crash and burn and I think I see your face.” Like the previous two singles, “Hallucinate” once again showcases his ability to articulate the complicated, indescribable feelings we all experience. 

Regarding the single, Galvin states, “Hallucinate is about the disorienting nature of being in love. Being in love is a way of seeing the world, not the self. There are no individuals in love, just symphonious singularity. Beauty reverberates out of union. Effervescent blooms of bliss and body gently guide our minds to the very surface of contentment. The heart crosses the blood-brain barrier and casts away the flimsy limits of space and time and logic. Dionysus laughs and trips into a twirled cartwheel and keeps on spinning as Apollo doubles over and cries out in the darkness of confusion, or maybe he just goes on holiday. But life is a balance of forces, a tension of opposites that have to be continually reconciled. You can lose yourself out there in the passion. We gotta be diligent in the seductive face of our own sensual destruction. Otherwise we start to see things that aren’t there. We start denying the dark it’s due. But then again, hearts move in figure eights and a little hallucination never killed anyone did it? ” 

Yoke Lore’s first full length album, Toward A Never Ending New Beginning is set to solidify Galvin as an indie pioneer, transcending beyond the genre with his unparalleled talent for captivating listeners with his distinct artistic vision and introspective lyricism. The 14-track album chronicles his journey of turning strengths into weaknesses, personal growth, and discovering who Yoke Lore truly is. It’s an album full of reflection and raw, unfiltered honesty that will most definitely connect with listeners on a deeper level. Combining electronic beats with subtle instrumentation, each song on Toward A Never Ending New Beginning is sonically diverse and thoughtfully crafted, taking listeners on a journey of self-discovery along with Galvin. 

In August, Yoke Lore will embark on the 23-date Holy Havoc Tour, which sees the artist playing dates from coast-to-coast with support from girlhouse, including Irving Plaza in New York City and The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale now HERE. He will also be supporting The Head and The Heart on select dates in November.

Photo Courtesy: Tanner Deutsch