Y La Bamba Shares New Single"Cuatro Crazy"

Y La Bamba will release the new album Mujeres on Feb 8 (Tender Loving Empire), a record that exists in the landscape of a national identity crisis. The group has been many things, but at the heart of it is singer-songwriter Luz Elena Mendoza’s inquisitive sense of self. Today, Y La Bamba shares the dizzying “Cuatro Crazy”. Of the song, Mendoza says, “This song was written in San Francisco about connections that come and go, and the beauty of sharing experiences while making art and letting it be the energy that heals and supports each others vision. I think it’s beautiful to learn the many ways we can express love.
“I think a lot on how society speaks on the idea of intimacy and romantic relationships. I think it’s important to be real and open and allow each other to feel what it’s like be held and support one another. These are my honest thoughts while contemplating affection and how we can evolve into a deeper understating of compassion and care.”