Women Set To Re-Release ‘Public Strain’, Shares Unreleased Single

On September 28th, 2010, ”Public Strain” was unleashed into the world. Women, the young band behind it, was made up of four childhood friends from Calgary, Alberta, and the follow up to their 2008 self-titled debut would become their final entry, despite only being a band a few years. The product of an intense and difficult year-long recording process, “Public Strain” seems without any clear sonic lineage — equal parts Velvet Underground, Deerhoof, and Television, but distinctly unique and unprecedented. Just over a month after the album’s release, the short-lived band was finished; however, the reverberations of “Public Strain” were widespread and it became regarded as a modern-day masterpiece, a vital document of an inimitable moment in time, and a clear touchstone for countless albums since its release. 

Now, a decade later, Jagjaguwar & Flemish Eye are announcing a special 10th anniversary edition of this now legendary album as well as the release of some long-rare B-side material. “Public Strain” will be available on a limited-edition clear vinyl pressing. Fans of the band have waited years to hear snippets of rare material, and five of those rarities are now being compiled into one collection to complement the reissue. “Rarities 2007-2010” features material that was either hard-to-find, over never released, all mastered properly for the first time. Pre-orders are now available for both. 

You can listen to the previously unreleased “Everyone Is So In Love With You”, and the full EP will be available to stream on October 2nd. Pre-order here.