WIVES Share New Track "Hit Me Up"

Queens, NY-based post-punks WIVES—featuring vocalist/guitarist Jay Beach, guitarist Andrew Bailey (also of DIIV), drummer Adam Sachs, and bassist Alex Crawford—today released their new single “Hit Me Up,” off their forthcoming debut album So Removed. Beach says the track, which is reminiscent of Bossanova-era Pixies and the nonchalant swagger of the Replacements, “was written from the point of view of a New Yorker who can’t let go. His everyday reality does not jibe with what is going on in his head, and he’s holding onto a past that never existed in the first place.” So Removedwill be released on October 4th via City Slang

WIVES is the latest fit into a long lineage of New York’s gritty, melodic-meets-punk bands. So Removed is grungy dark-wave, tethered to daily anxiety without resorting to cynicism. The noisy dissonance of Sonic Youth, the edgy hooks of early Pixies, and the clever, cerebral sneering of the Fall simmer as touchstones within the album, sharp and prodding at the details, pulsing with urgency. So Removed plunges into the void of unknown, a tangle of contemporary dread and optimism, mapping the gray areas of alienation.