Witch Weather Unleash New Single “Don’t Need”

Pennsylvania-based duo Witch Weather have released the first single off of their upcoming album (out in October), “Don’t Need.” Witch Weather, comprised of the duo Kaitlynn and Juliann, deliver a relentless burst of energy that captures the essence of frustration. With gritty vocals and raw power, the song delves into the overwhelming accumulation of inconveniences that plague their lives. It serves as a sonic eruption, a cathartic release of pent-up emotions that resonates with the essence of the human experience. As a badass queer punk band, they share their experiences through their music and bring unapologetic representation to the scene.

Kaitlynn says of the single: “‘Don’t Need’ was me finally figuring out how to write an angry song. Normally when I try to do it the song turns into something sad and depressing but in this case we finally executed the way I would have liked. Especially on the album version of the track. Lyrically it’s about being fed up with being taken advantage of. Recording the guitar solo made me want to explode, it’s not hard to play by any means I just kept messing it up.”

Juliann added: ‘Don’t Need’ was really fulfilling for me to sing since I have been really self-conscious about my voice. I was always told I wasn’t a singer and that was the first time I felt I accomplished something vocally. Prior to this single, I pretty much only wrote and played my bass lines. I was and still am a part of songwriting decisions like song form, theme, etc. But this was the first time I performed something else on a recording which led to me doing backups on other tracks as well. it’s been a good conference booster because even though I took vocal lessons in college, and no shade to that teacher, I just still hadn’t really found my voice. and now Don’t Need has allowed me to start that journey.”

Witch Weather is an indie/punk/goth duo based in eastern Pennsylvania. Influenced by bands such as Siouxsie and The Banshees, Against Me!, Fugazi, Screaming Females, Depeche Mode, the project began unofficially in 2013 when Kaitlynn began writing and recording music in her basement. Over the years she has dedicated herself to refining her songwriting skills, and she is now ready to unveil a carefully chosen collection of her latest songs in the form of a studio recording. A majority of the lyrics focus on Kaitlynn’s experience being a trans woman, from confused to closeted to out and doing her best. While the lyrical themes are often about trans experiences and identity, the songs are relatable to many as they often focus on themes of confusion, frustration, and self-loathing.