Winter Grain Share New Single “A Better You”

Living in LA by way of Salt Lake City, Winter Grain is made up of singer/songwriters and musicians, Secily and Kate Anderson, a married couple who found love through their passion for making music. Now they share the first single and music video “A Better You” from their upcoming EP Hollywood & Hard, their second project produced by Grammy Award-winner Ryan Hadlock (Brandi Carlile, Vance Joy, The Lumineers.)

Effortlessly blending indie pop, acoustic folk and Americana sounds, they employ jangly guitars and catchy songwriting, influenced by the likes of Bonnie Raitt and Fleetwood Mac. Trading off on vocals that weave together stories of nostalgia, growth, frustration, love and all the in-betweens, Winter Grain’s Secily Anderson shares that “A Better You” is all about “being real when it comes to being disappointed in people, whether someone else or your own self.”

You know that relatable yet frustrating feeling of hoping that someone in your life will finally be the better version of themselves that you know they could be, and having them prove your worst suspicions correct when that doesn’t happen? The way that Kate Anderson belts out the question “are you a better you yet?” during the climax takes that frustration and turns it into catharsis.

Behind the inspiration for “A Better You”, the duo explains, “In our lives we often find ourselves disappointed with other’s unkept promises and often even our own unkept promises… To us, life is constant learning. And learning is often the result of “mistakes.” As we get older we have found ourselves being more interested in being better people than being “cool” people, whatever that means in the end.”

“A Better You” is out now, from upcoming EP ‘Hollywood & Hard’ out on December 3rd via independent release.