WINGTIP Shares Latest Single Off Upcoming Album, “Demons”

Los Angeles-based, Bay Area-raised singer, songwriter and producer Wingtip (aka Nick Perloff-Giles) shared his latest single “Demons” today, the latest song from his full length debut album, All Your Friends Are Here (out August 14 via Independently Popular). Perloff-Giles notes, “It’s a song with a really straightforward sentiment about opening up to someone, but I wanted to make it feel personal and specific. The sonic challenge of the song was about keeping only exactly what was needed while still keeping it sounding full… It was the beginning of the transition away from the busier electronic stuff I worked on earlier.”

All Your Friends Are Here is an eight-track indie-pop gem. “Demons” follows the album’s first singles: “Strangers” which Perloff-Giles notes is, “one of my favorite kinds of songs: downcast but a little optimistic in a danceably sad kind of way,” and Place Like This,” which tells a story about hope and escape that felt really big. The album comes after a slew of singles including his breakout “Rewind” and an EP which were mile-markers on his twisting climb. 

Perloff-Giles spent most of 2017 on the road touring behind the success of “Rewind” and his debut EP Ghosts of Youth in 2018. During this time, his ears opened wider, taking on everything from the “autobiographical, intense music…effective and striking and memorable” by women like Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Daucus to pop-country hits like Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color” (“one of those perfect pop country songs, where the mask hides itself — it feels transparent, but obviously the verse sets up the concept and pre-modifies it and the chorus completely explains it”). And as he recognized the craftsmanship of one, and the ability to engage in personal storytelling of the other, he saw his own process evolve and the journey towards All Your Friends Are Here began in earnest. “What I tried to do with the record in a sense,” says Perloff-Giles, “is free as much as possible myself, for the constraints of Wingtip as a product or an idea.