Wild Yaks Share “Fortune Teller” 

Rockaway Beach’s very own Wild Yaks are set to release their sixth album (depending on who’s counting),  Monumental Deeds, on June 21 via Ernest Jenning Recording Co. Monumental Deeds encapsulates the essence of Wild Yaks, delivering a raw, unhinged energy intertwined with intricate songwriting that oscillates between triumphant anthems and poignant reflections on love lost. The album serves as a testament to the band’s evolution over their nearly two-decade-long career, blending the raw energy of their legendary live performances with a multi-dimensional songwriting style. Produced by Jack Dawson and recorded over two years in Red Hook, NY, Monumental Deeds features 10 tracks that explore themes of hope and self-awareness. The album showcases the band’s growth, offering a rich tapestry of sound and emotion that resonates with longtime fans and new listeners.

Wild Yaks are excited to release “Fortune Teller,” the latest single to be shared off its forthcoming album. The song is streaming now on all digital platforms for any available for playlist shares. “Fortune Teller” follows the release of singles “See That Girl” and “Desperado.”

On the track, the band’s Rob Bryn says,“‘Fortune Teller is about realizing I wasn’t a science-based reasonable person but a broken simp reading several horoscopes a day and obsessed with CoStar because I was willing to use ‘magic’ or any means to try and predict my romantic fate or understand what might be going on in the mind of the narcissist vampire that was using me for supply and was lying to me and manipulating me and was never gonna love me because they were incapable of love or compassion or empathy. Jose helped me write the music. Miserable words and sentiment by me.”