War Party releases new single “Stoned Not Stupid”

In anticipation of War Party’s full-length album, To Love and Fear It, the group has shared “Stoned Not Stupid,” a solid mix of garage rock, surf-pop and Smith’s carefree musings on life. The song was written on a whim, spewed off the top of Smith’s head. The end result is a catchy, irresistible track, that demands repeated listens.

War Party, after all, is on a rampage, spreading its own brand of pure, unadulterated rock-n-roll to the masses. Members Cameron Smith, Peter Marsh, Tyler Moore, Ricky Williford, and Chris Waldon draw influences from groups like Fugazi, The Stooges, Guided by Voices, Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, Gang of Four, The Replacements, and Leonard Cohen. War Party is the perfect combination of everything you love.
“To Love and Fear It is largely about the mixed feelings that exist in the fringes of impulse and self-identity,” Smith explains. “‘Stoned Not Stupid’ is a song about paranoia and compulsion, an internal observation of a sort of outside sub-dimension; a world that exists solely within a singular mind but yet is conjured from an amalgamation  of outside influences.”
Mastered by Grammy Award winner Jordan Richardson and produced by Britt Robisheaux, the song was recorded at Dreamy Life’s Cloudland Studio. (Kyle Eustice)