V V Brown Returns with “Black British”

Artist, mother, activist, journalist, and teacher V V Brown, who took a 6-year hiatus from her musical career to attend to her mental health and focus on raising her two young children, makes her very welcome return with the release of her uplifting, thought-provoking anthem “Black British”. What it means to be Black British is an important and complex question and one that V V will be exploring throughout the journey on this new project. The striking artwork for the single and the accompanying video (out April 5th), which uses the power of contemporary dance to reveal the narrative, was conceived, created, and directed by V V. V V has also written a long-form essay around the subject which will be published on release.

“The last six years have been a difficult mental health journey for me, but I came to the realization that I need music to feel alive. Now that I live in the countryside, it feels liberating to create without that industry pressure. I spend most of my days wearing wellies, making music or enjoying the routine of family life. Everything about this album, whether it be the artwork, the lyrics, the production or the visuals, is about starting sociological conversations. Art should make you feel, whether that’s feeling uncomfortable, empowered, happy, sad, scared, inspired. There is a radical power in the role of the provocateur and this was one of the motives for this record”