Unwed Sailor Shares Single “Ajo”

Unwed Sailor‘s upcoming album Truth Or Consequences (Spartan Records) is set for release on My 14th. The album is both an unabashed urging for listeners to examine progress within their own lives, and a call to action to urge listeners to let their authentic lived experiences, both good and bad, organically shape and form growth within.

Following the glistening instrumental album opener “Blitz”, today the band shares “Ajo” — a rhythmic, bass-driven left turn down a different road to Truth or Consequences. Check it out here, and dive into the background on the track from Unwed Sailor mastermind Johnathon Ford:  

“‘Ajo’ started as one, almost absurd, rhythmic bass line idea, but as we started tracking the song and stacking more bass lines on top of the foundational bass line idea, the added bass melodies and rhythms began to create a bass symphony while the drums created an angular post punk / funk rhythm underneath to drive the song along. Adding the sad melancholic / nursery rhyme guitar and the floating otherworldly whale sound keyboards allowed the song to fall gently into a familiar Unwed Sailor sound.”