Trash Fiasco Shares “Ma.lin.ger” 

Chicago garage-rockers Trash Fiasco are back with another booming single off their upcoming LP, Exist as Instructed (due 3/20). Fuzzed out to perfection, today’s single, “Ma.lin.ger” is the perfect follow-up to last month’s “One Bird”, leaning even further into the grit and grime, and continuing their unbridled character critiques. 

A demonstration of the trio’s drive and raw energy, “Ma.lin.ger” combines rhythmic intricacies with an unfiltered rage that continues to stand as their hallmark. An account of a character in spiraled decline, “Ma.lin.ger” takes you alongside a devolving self-destructor looking for more, but losing themselves in the process. Considering how far they’ve strayed from themself, the character eventually lands on the conclusion that a race to the bottom is the only way out.