Tracey Thorn Shares Single “Sister”

From her days with Marine Girls to being one-half of Everything But The Girl to now, Tracey Thorn has always been keen on writing songs that contain a feminism view point of the world. Often you will hear tracks chronicling milestones of a women’s life; growing up, heartbreak, divorce to name a few.
For Thorn’s latest album Record, the narrative turns towards a point where the ‘no fucks given’ portion of life blossoms. The album (out March 2 in North America via Merge Records) is synth-driven and packs in a heavy punch of liberation. “I wanted it to be a record you’d listen to in the daytime,” Thorn says about Record. “On your headphones or on the move. Not necessarily in the evening, or in your bedroom.”
Thorn has released the single “Sister”, which showcases the rhythm section of Warpaint and backing vocals from Corinne Bailey Rae. Lyrically, Thorn explains that “Sister” is about female solidarity and defiance.