Trace Mountains Has Announced New Album, Shares Single

Under the moniker Trace Mountains, Dave Benton writes music that asks large questions in quietly profound ways. On the project’s earliest release, the 2014 compilation Buttery Sprouts & Other Songs, these thoughts appeared as lo-fi scraps of wit and tenderness. But by the time A Partner to Lean On, Trace Mountains’ debut full-length, arrived in 2018, Benton’s perceptive indie rock had matured into more existential meditations about identity, existence, and finding sense in an increasingly chaotic world. 

Trace Mountains has announced a new album and shared its title track “Lost In The Country”. Of the song, Benton says “A lot of the songs on this record feel like a bit of an awakening for me, but this one especially. It’s so easy to get caught up in the details of your own life and lose important things along the way. ‘Lost in the Country’ is a song about regret and reaching out for the missing things.”