Top Ten of Twenty Twelve: Sandro Schiena (Turnpike Glow)

Turnpike Glow

UK-based outfit Turnpike Glow writes big, catchy songs with new wave and pop hooks that draw back to musical influences from 90s staples such as Pavement and more recent heavies like Phoenix.  The group’s four-song debut EP (which was mixed by Dave Newfeld who did records with Broken Social Scene and Los Campesinos!), Inflatable Optimism, delivers these wondrous elements all in one tight package.  Keep an eye peeled for the record in January 2013 when it hits U.S. soil for the first time.  Past the release of Inflatable Optimism for the U.S. expect a sophomore release to follow soon after.
Ghettoblaster caught up with TG’s Sandro Schiena to ask about the solid 2012 releases in rotation on his turntable.  Here’s the list:
The Shins – Port Of Morrow
James Mercer’s melodic sensibility and his sharp lyrics never cease to surprise me. His melodies are highly inspirational.
Django Django – Django Django
They sound ‘fresh’ and like nothing else out there right now. It’s also reminiscent of The Beta Band and I do miss that band very much.
Citizens – Here We Are
We shared the stage with them earlier this year, so I bought their record when it came out. The vocals have some subtle Bowie overtones and the several melodic lines are excellent.
Tame Impala – Lonerism
If I were to picture John Lennon singing on a Flaming Lips record, that is probably what would it would sound like. A bit of a dream come true.
Paul Banks – Banks
First time I heard ‘The Base’ it made me weak at the knees. It felt like the first time Turn On The Bright Lights jumped out of my speakers. Overwhelming.
Animal Collective – Centipede Hz
Do I really have to say why I love Animal Collective? One of the most inventive bands out there. Their albums are so dense with creative genius it takes a couple of weeks just to make out what’s actually going on.
Chromatics – Kill For Love 
Lush soundscapes and ethereal melodies that knock you down. It brings to mind Swedish band The Radio Dept and their suave and atmospheric synth -pop.
Grizzly Bear – Shields
A sublime blend of stunning vocal harmonies, jazzy drums, and heart-breaking string interludes. They keep getting better and better.
Beach House – Bloom
Dream-pop doesn’t come any better. Mesmerizing in places.
Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes
My favourite ‘instrumental’ record of the year. Pure electronic jazz bliss.
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