Top Ten of Twenty Twelve: Ben Versluis (Tundra Dubs)

Ben Versluis

For the experimental electronic music set, there is perhaps no more exciting new comer than Oakland-based Tundra Dubs (who celebrated their second birthday in October).  And excitement surrounding the label is best summed up by its considerable releases, which includes output from AIMON, FUNERALS, Modern Witch/Os Ovni, Mascara, Clubs for Boardgames, and more.
Naturally, when Ghettoblaster began assembling inputs on the best records of 2012, Tundra label head Ben Versluis seemed a natural go-to for techno and weird electronic releases.  In no particular order, here is his list of releases we’ve never heard…
1. Appointment – Reunion 12″
2. Pal+ – The Forest 12″
3. Dreamlogicc – Podval EP
4. Metasplice – Topographical Interference EP
5. Group Rhoda – Out of Time – Out of Touch LP
6. Concern – Misfortune LP
7. Shackleton – Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs
8. KiNK – Hand Made 12″
9. Pinch – MIA 2006-2010
10. Xhin / Perc – Untitled 12″
(Perv Tundra Dubs on the internets here:
Tundra Dubs @ Tumblr
Tundra Dubs @ Bandcamp
Tundra Dubs @ Soundcloud
Tundra Dubs @ Twitter)