Top Ten of Twenty Thirteen: Jacob Bannon of Converge, Wear Your Wounds, Deathwish Inc., etc.

Jacob Bannon

Jacob Bannon

In the hardcore world there are few more involved in the advancement of the genre than Jacob Bannon.  He’s the vocalist, lyricist, and graphic artist for Converge, and the founder and owner of Deathwish Inc.  Additionally, Bannon is an incredible visual artist, whose work has been almost as integral a part of the independent music community as his output. 
Naturally, Ghettoblaster sought to find out what Bannon’s top albums of 2013 were.  And he delivered.  Here they are.
Best of 2013 in no particular order:
Depeche Mode — Delta Machine
Zola Jesus — Versions

ASG — Blood Drive

Mazzy Star — Seasons of Your Day

Nails — Abandon All Life

Magic Circle — Self Titled

Carcass — Surgical Steel

Satyricon — Self Titled

Enforcer — Death by Fire
Red Hare — Nites of Midnight

Blast! — Blood

Friends and loved ones
Diamonds and Rust
All things Deathwish
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