Tiergarten share "Aeons (Infinity Glow)"

Tiergarten  announce the upcoming release of Magnificent Desolation, the Brooklyn trio’s debut EP. The band shared “Aeons (Infinity Glow)”, the world’s first glimpse into the New York band’s enveloping “space rock” and sleek post-hardcore. While their sound takes more from the Los Angeles of the early ’90s than it does the current Brooklyn landscape, Tiergarten have a knack for big extraterrestrial rock. The band’s debut sounds like the work of a veteran band, swirling a hybrid of moody post-punk, epic post-rock, and lush layered shoegaze into intricate sonic brilliance.

Set to self-release Magnificent Desolation on June 17, “Aeons (Infinity Glow)” is the perfect introduction to their sound. Tiergarten wear their influences (Autolux, Failure, Interpol) on their sleeves, but New York City has come to play a big part in their songwriting. Drawing inspiration from various forms of art, the jagged architecture of NYC’s many buildings, the lighting at night, the people, energy, style, aesthetics, and even the weather make their way into the band’s dark mood. The band’s sound is shimmering and heavy, navigating between enormous riffs and polyrhythmic drums that work to enhance the titanic melodies.
Speaking about the song, Tiergarten vocalist/guitarist Alex von Klemperer shared, “The lyrics for “Aeons (Infinity Glow)” were influenced by a few people, but mostly focused on a friend. It’s about trying to save them from their self destruction, only to realize that you cant help them. They can only help themselves which makes it very difficult to watch. The song ties in with the theme of the album. Finding yourself in your darkest moments and using it to do something positive. Finding the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it takes Aeons.”
05/28 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Gateway w/ No Shoes, Lazy Queen, and Kissing is a Crime
06/03 – Boston, MA @ ONCE Ballroom