Tianna Esperanza Shares New Single “Terror”

On the heels of the February release of her powerful debut single, “Lewis,” singer/songwriter Tianna Esperanza has revealed another new track, the haunting and aptly named single “Terror,” out now via BMG. Esperenza’s blend of masterful wordplay and her range of vocals is balanced by a darkness that is the driving force behind the song.

“Terror” finds Esperanza singing in great detail about so much of what she’s experienced, with all of the peaks and valleys. “Terror begets terrors when terror is all one knows. Violence can be a natural response to an onslaught of oppression and horror,” says Esperanza. From the grief of losing a sibling to the tragedy of sexual assault, she goes the distance with her art — something that many are too hesitant to accomplish. “’Terror’ comes from a true and vulnerable place. Loss, violence, and assault will always be a part of who I am, but they also make up my story of resilience. ‘Terror’ is my account, but I hope it uplifts the many who share my pain.”

Photo Courtesy: Shervin Lainez