Throwback Thursday With Ff

I’ve been online searching for certain music that I had lost due to the raging fire that was my previous life. A couple of those items are albums by an old New York City band called Ff. This was a band that kicked around for a number of years whom I had the privileged to catch live right before the band dropped it’s debut long-player, Lady Shoe (Double Deuce Records) back in ’95.  In an age where bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Tad, Screaming Trees all brought an abrasive, yet appealing sound, New York’s reigning kings Sonic Youth applied a different sound that was just as aggressive but differed sonically than counterparts in the Northwest.
Ff though was down in the belly of the beast, still grinding away, hopped up on aggression, punk and melodies that would make even those with the most frigid of hearts smile and dance. Throughout the years a number of musicians would make their way through the varying line-up of the band. Hell, I remember even Tony Maimone, bassist for Pere Ubu (who now owns a recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Studio G), performing with the band, which centered around guitarist/vocalist Tom Price. Unfortunately Price passed away from a heart attack back in late 2011 but we were left with both Lady Shoe and the follow-up We’re #1 (Double Deuce), two frenetic and energetic albums that captures the spirit of the band. If you want to read more on the band, you can here.  You could do a lot worse than listening to Ff, just give it a try.