Throwback Thursday: New York City's Pilot To Gunner

Where does one begin with today’s look back at Pilot To Gunner? The band, hailing from New York City, recorded three albums, debuting with Games At High Speeds which was released in 2001 by innovative label Gern Blandsten Records and later reissued by Arena Rock Recording Co. in 2003. For the group’s follow-up, they recorded Get Saved with J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Channels) which was released in 2004. Both albums were unique, in a way no one’s ever heard before. The band’s approach to music blended punked-up rhythms, sometimes adding in sparse notes here and there on some songs but it was Scott Padden’s vocals that gave the group its edge. But the rest of the band, which includes guitarist Patrick Hegarty, bassist Martin McLoughlin, and drummer Kurt L. Herrman, would always leave their loosely wound sound to greater heights.
I had lost touch with the band believing that, like so many, they dissolved through the pressures of recording and being a touring band. It would be almost a decade before Pilot To Gunner resurfaced with a new album entitled Guilty Guilty in 2013.

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