They Kiss & Julian Lennon Drop New Single “Lookin’ 4 Love” Featuring Sandflower

The dynamic, Los Angeles-based pop duo They Kiss – Anna Makovchik and Francesco Civetta (aka Cash) – are thrilled to share their latest single, “Lookin’ 4 Love,” from their upcoming album Feeling With You, due August 26 via CASH NYC Records. The album’s closing bonus track is a reimagining of the Julian Lennon single of the same name, featuring vocals from Julian, plus additional, new lyrics and vocals from New York, queer-scene maverick Sandflower. The band celebrates tonight in W. Hollywood at Hotel Cafe (10pm), and will perform August 10 at Harvard & Stone. More information here.

While visiting his friend Julian in the south of France several years ago, Cash told him he really felt connected to his track “Lookin’ 4 Luv” from his 2011 release Everything Changes and wanted to rework it for a new generation.

Back in New York, Cash teamed up with producer David Sisko and Sandflower and began working on creating a new song using Julian’s chorus hook and sampling his piano riff. They recorded new verses and built a new song around those samples, and thus They Kiss’ “Lookin’ 4 Love” was born. 

When Makovchik heard the song, she fell in love with the track and its emotional message: that everyone is looking for love, and even if sometimes we are looking in the wrong places, there is always hope, so never lose faith in love.

Photo Courtesy: Pamela Garcia-Aguirre