TheDeadCanRap Shares “iPhone Raps Remix”

On the heels of their self-titled debut released at the tail end of 2020, Mike Ladd and Remi Rough return with a new single in the form of the “iPhone Raps Remix” as TheDeadCanRap. The song itself is a fascinating and unpredictable lyrical journey about privacy, parenting, and psychologically thriving in a dystopic reality. Sonically Remi’s digital landscapes lend an irresistible iRobot-industrial-funk.

Hip Hop legend/ Art Rap pioneer, Mike Ladd has been living in Paris for the better part of a decade & Remi Rough is an internationally acclaimed abstract street artist and esoteric rap pioneer, based in London. Together, they’ve crafted a deeply personal and sonically innovative album exploring the realities/ confusions of 21st-century life as well as articulating Rap Life after 40 & beyond. With each song, TheDeadCanRap venerably navigates difficult, rarely expressed subject matter from post-apocalyptic nightmares, zombie cultures, corrupt politics, esoteric spiritually to global financial conundrums from the perspective of Rappers/Artists/ Fathers. These pioneers of Free Form Art Rap have taken their listeners to the frontiers of experimental Hip Hop, Electronica, Spoken Word, and beyond.