The Sully Band Shares New Single ”If I Could Only Be Sure”

The Sully Band, is back with their latest single “If I Could Only Be Sure,” a new take on Nolan Porter’s soulful 1972 love song. Porter, who was born in Los Angeles, became a prominent figure in the UK’s northern soul movement in the 1970s, but struggled to gain notoriety in the US and sadly passed away in February of 2021 without much fanfare.  In tribute, Sully dusts off this hidden gem and gives his take on Porter’s lyrics, growling “I’d do anything at all, if you’d just let me love you, baby.”

“When I set out to make this album, which is a journey through songs about love by soul, funk, and blues icons, I was blown away to discover this tune, and even more blown away that no one else had ever covered it. Lyrically, this song is a simple yet heart-wrenching plea, and musically it has a sweet guitar riff but also a melancholy tension that makes it stand out from most other love songs, so I was excited to give it a go.  As we approach one-year anniversary of his passing, I do hope our version is a fitting tribute that also draws some attention to his brilliant original.”

Let’s Straighten It Out! was conceived in the hallowed halls of Henson Recording Studio in Hollywood, California (formerly A&M Studios). With it, Sully and his bluesy, nine-piece beast of a band take us on a journey through the ups, downs, and all-arounds of love by way of 10 classic ‘60s and ‘70s soul, blues, and R&B tunes. 

The album was recorded in only five jam-packed days, with “mostly-live” versions of carefully curated love-themed songs that made a mark when they were originally released and yet also feel relevant today. Sully’s soulful, heartfelt vocals cut across layers of horns and guitars that take the listener on an emotional arc of joy, disappointment, struggle, and redemption.

Photo Courtesy: Steve Sherman