The Sleeping Unveils “The Animal”

Post-punk outfit THE SLEEPING has unveiled the lead single off of their long-awaited new album, I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost, their first new release in nearly 13 years. “The Animal” is now available worldwide. The song showcases the quartet’s undeniable chemistry, energy, and musicianship.

“‘The Animal’ is written about the anxieties we deal with on a regular basis, when the world outside of our inner circle invades our personal space,” explains vocalist Douglas Robinson. “As we get older, our circle often gets smaller and the world around us feels a lot more intrusive.”

On I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost, The Sleeping dials in their eccentric and erratic blend of ambient indie rock, post-punk, and melodic hardcore. From the uncomfortability of unknown people entering and refusing to leave your personal space (“The Animal”) to wanting to get back to the positive side of your personality (“No Light”) to battling with yourself on a regular basis (“Tainted”) to the crossing over of your personality from happy to anxious, frustrated and stressed (“Halcyon”) – I Feel Like Becoming A Ghost shines a light on mental instability.