THE ROCKET SUMMER Shares New Single “M4U”

“I felt this tangible tug to tap into the long inherent but sonically neglected places of my heart and simply begin exhaling from there,” says multi-instrumentalist BRYCE AVARY, better known as THE ROCKET SUMMER about his brand new single “M4U,” out now via Aviate Records. “What happened was a creative release and outflow that I’ve never really had before.”

A forward musical progression that dives deeper into the indie electronic waters that he waded in with 2016’s Zoetic and 2019’s Sweet Shivers, “M4U” proves to be an exciting new direction for the power pop/indie rock powerhouse. “I actually considered releasing this music under a separate name for some time,” he explains, acknowledging the shift in sound that fans might come to expect from the artist who Alternative Press hailed as one of the “100 Bands You Need to Know.” He continues, “The Rocket Summer has always been me, but it has always been only a part of me, if that makes sense. There’s a lot more there that I’ve been aching to exhale, but the train of life moves fast. I really let myself reset with this one.”

Finding creative solace in the deserts of California and his home state of Texas during the pandemic, he found inspiration in the solitude. “I had very little interest in making music that was too lonesome,” he explains. “Perhaps as a defense due to how naturally solitary these last few years were for a lot of us. I felt like if I just could swim through the rains that poured on us and not allow them to extinguish the sparks of what I knew was coming, that we’d eventually be together again experiencing music and that it finally wouldn’t only just be mine to groove to.”

Loose-tuned and rhythmic, “M4U” seethes and simmers with an earthy electro beat, punctuated by Avary’s unmistakable vocals. “Making this record was the most I’ve ever grooved alone,” he says. “I shut the door, started to jam, exhaled and just kept exhaling.” Evoking notes of what one might envision the walls of industrial clubs, UK dance-punk halls, and R&B venues have reflected over decades, the track incorporates all these elements and combines them into a cohesive and thumping track that retains the essence of The Rocket Summer, while displaying a natural and exciting evolution in the music.