The Paranoid Style Shares “Last Night in Chickentown”

The Paranoid Style shares “Last Night in Chickentown” the rollicking, nihilistic new ode to an all-too-powerful id, with an illustrated lyric video. “Last Night in Chickentown” is the third single from The Interrogator (Bar/None), the full-length album out February 2, 2024. The Paranoid Style is also notably confirmed to open for Drive-By Truckers in Athens, GA on February 16th at the famed 40 Watt as part of “HeAthens Homecoming,” and Elizabeth Nelson recently spoke with Patterson Hood for a GREAT conversation piece for Southwest Review.

Elizabeth Nelson shares the following about “Last Night in Chickentown”: “As you go along, you’ll probably find yourself in a tight spot or two. That’s normal enough. The key thing would be just to keep your cool, and make a mental note of the exit ramps, while not giving too much of your thought process away. Another thing to be aware of is to not get too seduced. There is a certain appeal to situations that you know in your heart only lead to dark alleys with dead ends.  I won’t deny that I’ve enjoyed that dynamic at times. But take too much and it gets difficult to know the difference. This song has the sort of beat you can play at any hour and it’s automatically 3 AM. I don’t trust people that keep company with poultry.”