The Garden Drop New Single ”Chainsaw the Door”

The Garden have shared another preview of their new album, Horseshit on Route 66, due out September 8th. “Chainsaw the Door” is another dose of the duo’s singularly infectious sound, combining biting guitars, glitchy electronics, and frenetic drumming. “If life presents you with a closed door, then you chainsaw through it” explains the band, “It might take a while but it’s quicker than using an axe on it. Once you get through the door there will be more obstacles, but at least you knocked it down.”

The 11-tracks that make up their latest are some of Wyatt & Fletcher Shears most fiery endeavors to date. Recorded in Downtown Los Angeles, the record pulls from the legacies of Southern California hardcore and UK punk, but continues to experiment with dissonant electronics and the drum & bass sound the duo is known for. Though plans to record in a ghost town and set up camp “somewhere haunted” were abandoned, that spirit is embodied in the record. “A good chunk of the songs were inspired by the “scary stories” we read as kids and our interest in the supernatural,” says Wyatt. The duo also cite children’s book illustrator Stephen Gammell as a major reference point, his drawings infused with the same underlying menace that their music evokes. 

“Chainsaw the Door” is preceded by the viciously catchy singles “Freight Yard” & “Orange County Punk Rock Legend”, which comes complete with a music video that  finds the band in full jester attire, ripping it up at the skatepark while a towering clown looms in the background.