The Folk Implosion Share “Moonlit Kind”

The Folk Implosion announces its first full-length album in 25 years! Walk Thru Me (Joyful Noise Recordings) dropping on June 28, 2024.

“Moonlit Kind” is The Folk Implosion’s bobbing, shimmering ode to night owls. Offering a glimpse into the mind of Barlow, who depicts himself as a bear “coming out of the cave,” the song describes his emotional waxes and wanes. Whether touching the sky or going low, he never unwinds… but always believes. Davis’ instrumentation and producer Scott Solter (St. Vincent, Spoon, The Mountain Goats) send the song soaring, transforming Barlow’s words into nocturnal musical bliss.

“How the fuck are we going to turn this into a song?” That’s the question Lou Barlow and John Davis have asked themselves since co-founding the Folk Implosion in the early 1990s. Beginning with improvised jams featuring Barlow on bass and Davis on drums, the duo develop their beat-driven pop collages from the ground up. It’s the process they used on their debut cassette, Walk Through This World with the Folk Implosion, and one they’ve returned to 30 years later on their spellbinding, self-referencing reunion, Walk Thru Me.