The Deer Share Latest Single "Confetti To The Hurricane"

At the beginning of the month, Austin, Texas band The Deer shared the airy single “Move To Girls.”  The band has shared the second single from their upcoming album Do No Harm out November 1 on Keeled Scales / Secretly Distribution, “Confetti To The Hurricane.”

The tempo on “Confetti” is ticked up slightly from the previous single, matching the compassionate take the subject takes on.  “After a show, we performed around dawn at a festival, we were confronted by a woman who was in the throes of a mental breakdown while sitting behind the stage,” frontwoman Grace Rowland says. “I didn’t know what to do so I held her. The hopefully temporary episode gave off an electric static I could feel when I wrapped my arms around her as she cried; she felt simply empty. This song is a conversation between her and her own mind amidst the drifting in and out of her own grounding. Here’s to hoping she has found safety.”

Do No Harm gleams with the powerful cohesion known only of bands who’ve been together for years. Though genre-fluidity and sonic experimentation are at the core of The Deer’s work, their upcoming LP lays down distinction with a graceful thump — a beautiful, confident conclusion of audial explorations.