The Boo Radleys Share “Alone Together”

With the clock ticking down to the release of their first album in almost a quarter of a century, The Boo Radleys flick to the last page of their new chapter by releasing their long-awaited, full-length release’s closing track, “Alone Together.” Riven with regret and programmed rhythms, the track is the final cut to emerge from Keep On With Falling prior to its release on Fri 11 March 2022.

Celebrating the landmark and a new life together as The Boo Radleys, founding Boos, Simon ‘Sice’ Rowbottom, Tim Brown, and Rob Cieka take to the road in April with a run of six, intimate live dates, beginning where the band’s story started, at Preston’s legendary Action Records. The shop’s label released the band’s landmark debut, Ichabod and I back in 1990.

Alone Together continues the band’s dichromatic expressions of melancholy spliced with rainbow splashes of melody The Boo Radleys are renowned for. Sice’s vocal, untarnished by time, takes words of bitter experience and the long shadows of failed friendship in the same, familiar voice of unending hope.

Multi-instrumentalist songwriter, Tim Brown, says of the song: “Written as an amalgam of those people who seemed to reach the pinnacle of success whilst in school. With no one person in mind, it is a song that details feelings of disappointment, of being let down, by someone who is emotionally stunted, self-centered but outwardly successful. Orchestration meets sequenced keyboards, accompanied by distorted guitars and a driving rhythm…and the songs epitaph: ‘There’s only so much I can take.’”