The Big Pink Share New Single “Love Spins On Its Axis”

After making their triumphant return in April with the enormous single “No Angels,” The Big Pink are back once again to unveil their glorious new effort “Love Spins On Its Axis” featuring British duo Dust In The Sunlight. The song was co-written with Jamie T and The Kills’ Jamie Hince and features a cameo from Jamie T on vox and guitars. Continuing the broad and soaring energy The Big Pink have always possessed, “Love Spins On Its Axis” delivers a raw and driven sound, brimming with euphoric textures. It further looks to push their signature sound to new heights and give this long-awaited comeback a dose of vibrant power throughout. 

Speaking about the new single the band’s Robbie Furze said, “‘Love Spins On Its Axis’ is probably the most hopeful song I’ve ever written. My life got pretty confusing and I started feeling like I was in a bizarre surreal war that I was never going to make it out of. It was from the depths of that darkness that I had this moment of perfect clarity and calm. I started questioning ‘what’s most important on this journey that I am on?’ It’s Love. Pure & simple. It has always been love. It’s about not getting distracted from that, not wasting a single moment on things that are not important, things we can’t control. Love is everything. That’s what we need to fight for. Let’s start that revolution.”  

Photo Courtesy: Emma Ledwith Photography Limited