¿Téo? Shares New Single “Don’t Stare Too Long”

Colombian-American singer songwriter ¿Téo?(Mateo Arias) has announced the August 18 release of his new album Luna. Drawing from a vast well that includes hip-hop, alternative, reggaetón and even Brazilian bossa nova, ¿Téo? has organically developed a unique, neo-American sound ever since the release of his 2017 debut single, “Uno Dos,” which featured longtime friend and collaborator Jaden Smith. With its hypnotizing vocals, cutting-edge production techniques, and vintage song structures and instrumentation, Luna finds ¿Téo? creating music is modern yet nostalgic, enveloping the listener in a cloud of familiar warmth.  

Today ¿Téo? also shares the LP’s latest single, “Don’t Stare Too Long,” which perfectly illustrates the emotions and honesty found across the album. Over a late-night beat and languid acoustic guitar melodies, he chronicles the inherent blurry lines between love and lust and truth and fiction, especially when the stakes are high: “It’s heavy on the eyes / And it’s hard for me to say no.” “I think that’s my favorite songwriting that I’ve ever done,” Arias says of the track. “That story comes directly from my personal experience, but I think anyone can relate to those uncomfortable moments with a partner. It’s hard to stare at someone in the eyes when you’re dealing with something really rough.”

Photo Courtesy: Moises Arias