Teddy Grossman Shares New Single “Ready”

LA-based singer/songwriter Teddy Grossman has released his latest single “Ready”, off of his forthcoming debut solo full-length LP due out early next year.

“Ready was written during the later stages of recording the album,” Grossman said, “an album I’ve always dreamed of making, in the early stages of a budding relationship. It’s a song about opening up, and letting a little love in.” Having finally arrived in this sense, the song finds Grossman opening up to both a new partner and way of life – with his music at the forefront.

Although a lifelong music lover & maker, pursuing a career in music was put on the back burner for a time, but after a cross-country move to Los Angeles Grossman took the leap to embark on that long-gestating journey.  He’d always been a lifer at heart — his childhood was spent ingesting Otis Redding and Steve Wonder, Bob Dylan and The Band — but upon graduating college, he took the road often traveled and held down an all-consuming tech job, ever the weekend warrior recording and touring with his former band on the margins. A few years back, however, after a near-decade in Chicago and New York City, all the while holding down the desk job, in 2018, Grossman was finally ready to take the plunge.  “Moving to LA and finding my community here unquestionably changed everything,” says Grossman looking back at his decision to break out on his own and transform his passion into his livelihood.

With only a handful of songs out to date, Grossman has come out of the gates swinging: his single “Leave it on the Line” has racked up nearly 500k spins, landing marquee Folk & R&B playlists, “What I Owe” has garnered praise, and “Power in Pain” is “a song, for now, tomorrow, and the years to come”. His latest single “Out of Thin Air” was co-written with and features Theo Katzman (Vulfpeck) on slide guitar. 

Photo Courtesy: Steph Port Photography